Domestic & International Transportation

It is no secret that freight and shipping costs are rising, even as you are reading this. Our domestic and international transportation services seek to find innovative ways to minimize your expenses and maximize your efficiency. Our team of consultants and auditors will take the time to assess your transportation costs whether by vessel, barge, rail, air, or truck. We will then work with you to establish a successful solution to decrease your transportation costs, and avoid losing time. We are known to work with the best carriers and international freight forwarders to maximize your supply chain and diminish lead times. If you are ready to increase your transportation efficiency, give us a call today.

Vessel Chartering & Management

Are you wondering if there is a most affordable and easier way to ensure your goods reach their destination? Our vessel chartering and management team has years of hands-on experience in finding the best vessel and routes for freight transportation. We take the time to analyze which mode of transportation is most effective (plane, rail, vessel, or truck) and make a choice depending on your location, budget, and categorization of goods shipped. Our team also takes the time to help manage your route for the fastest and safest delivery. Let us help you find the next vessel to ensure your goods reach their destination.

Port Captain Optimization & Vessel Management

We can offer port and terminal information prior to arrival with vessel attendance on arrival to coordinate an efficient port rotation, we can coordinate port services ie. cleaning chemicals, launch, fresh water, annex 1 slop removal or any other logistics required just enquire with us today. Negotiate on owner’s behalf best port discounts ie. line handlers, tugs or other port services. We also offer spectrometer operation and training, pre USCG COC inspections and coordination of the actual inspection. Attend local Lonestar or Seafarers Centers meetings and report any information related to our industry or trade. Weekly report local weather conditions and port closures due to inclement weather or mishaps.

Logistics Management

There are many moving parts when it comes to organizing, tracking, and shipping freight, and we want to be the team to help make this more comfortable on your staff. Whether you need to manage the usage of multiple carriers, better track your inventory or ensure faster deliveries, we are available to help with freight logistics management. Our team of consultants has in-depth knowledge of carrier capabilities, freight rates, freight classifications, supply chain management, and lead time requirements. You need a system to ensure you can track your goods from the moment they enter the warehouse to the second they arrive at their destination. With many years of experience, our team understands that logistics and organization make all the difference.

Warehouse & Terminal Operations

By the time you have a warehouse, you are likely managing hundreds of different items with several options for shipment. How do you keep everything on track? Many of our consultants have warehouse management experience and can bring their innovative ideas to your team. There are numerous ways to manage your warehouse freight inventory, and we specialize in two of the primary methods: barcode and RFIDs. Whether your organization is accustomed to barcode tracking or using RFID sensors to locate materials, we are ready to get your warehouse and terminal operations on track.

Profit & Loss Management

Tracking profits and losses are paramount to business success. This is even truer when working with freight and transportation. It can be months before you receive payment or notice a loss, and our auditors are prepared to reconcile it all. From calculating net profit to reviewing your sales and calculating costs of goods sold, our team is in the position to ensure your finances are in order. Not only is our staff well-versed in accounting and finance, but they have also spent decades in various freight and logistics industries. So, they are equipped to take into account the nuances of this industry when analyzing your profits and losses.

Contract Negotiations

How do you know if a vendor is charging a fair freight shipment price? While you are managing logistics, operations, and labor, it can prove challenging to negotiate carrier and vendor contracts successfully. Our team has access to considerable amounts of data and market information to bring to the negotiating table. Agreeing on the right costs involves advanced analysis and an understanding of transportation procurement. Don’t feel that you and your team have to tackle this alone. Let one of our experienced auditors work with you to negotiate contracts that you and your vendors or carriers can agree upon.

New Market Entries

This world of shipping and transportation allows you to introduce your products to foreign countries and new markets. While this is an exciting time, it can also be fraught with stresses that can create a logistical nightmare. Our team is ready to help you navigate these introductions and ensure a successful market entry for your new product. Our staff is skilled in connecting you with language translation services to facilitate communications, converting currencies, chartering vessels in foreign countries, and handling international customs requirements. We care about our clients and will do all we can to facilitate a smooth transition into a new foreign market.

Inland Barging

With its relationship with various barge lines, Kinsale Maritime Services can negotiate favourable barge rates for the loading or discharging of your cargo whether the operation be discharging from vessel to barge or loading from barge to vessel. As the team has years of experience working with barge lines, Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can ensure for a timely delivery of your cargo to its final destination. Kinsale Maritime Services LLC will supply daily updates as to the position of your cargo until it has finally arrived at its destination.


Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can provide 24 hour / 7 days per week short or long-haul trucking services monitoring your cargo whereabouts 24 /7.

Rail Freight

Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can provide rail transportation within North America and Mexico providing for the safe delivery of your cargo to its final destination.


The team is well equipped to provide consulting services pertaining to any mode of transportation, warehouse logistics, terminal operations, vessel chartering and operations.

Cargo Loading / Discharging Supervision

Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can provide 24 hour / 7 day a week cargo supervision (Supercargo) ensuring for a smooth loading or discharge of your vessel.

Cargo Stevedoring

Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can arrange for the stevedoring operation of your cargo anywhere in the world ensuring for an expedient loading or discharging operation of your cargo, saving you available time and costs.

Expert Witness

Highly-qualified expert with extensive experience in Admiralty and Maritime Law.


Practiced method of Dispute Resolution. Kinsale Maritime Services LLC is frequently called upon by International Ship Operators to solve every kind of dispute related to cargo, vessels, terminals, marinas and shipyards.

Marine Surveying

Kinsale Maritime Services LLC can arrange for Vessel Draft Surveys, Barge Draft Surveys, Sampling & Analysis, Cargo Supervision, Cleanliness Inspections, Insurance Surveys and On / Off Hire Surveys.